InstaCube Saliva test is used only for forensic labs. You can get a quick result of drug presence in your body from this test in no time. In minutes you are able to know about the drug rate in your body. The fast moving technology had made these tests evaluation much faster than any other. A person can easily know about a single particular value of anything in his body these days. The medical field has made it so easy and faster. This test results can easily be copied and are very easy to understand.

Instruction for test

For such test, you have to follow the following instructions.

  • First, you have to bring the test to room temperature to test up to the saliva drug. You must give the instructions to your donor about not to eat anything like food, water, juices, tobacco etc. These instructions should be followed before 10 to 15 minutes of the test. There is a kit available for this test. You just have to bring that kit at your room temperature before opening that kit. And then open it and take the device out of it to use. Use it as early as possible so that the results will be more accurate
  • There is a collector in this device and you have to remove that collector from the sealing. After this take out the cap of collector and insert the loofa into the mouth. For oral fluid collection, just close your mouth with that loofa and move it all around your mouth so that each side of your mouth will be covered by loofa for the test. After this immense,the sponge fully in oral fluid and then wipe the inside of the mouth and tongue. Do this for almost up to 3min until you feel that the loofa is fully saturated and become soft with fluid.

Conditions for device

  • The test device should be placed on a clean and clear surface so that no other bacteria will take attack the test to fail the results. Take the loofa out from your mouth and then put it into the screening device to shove down until you see that the collector cap is fully sealed with the device strongly. Then leave the device for some time until you see the lines changing their colors. You will see the result after 10 minutes.


  • If the membrane shows two coloured lines then the result is positive.
  • If a single line is coloured that means negative result.

This test is also said as a qualitative test and it shows analytical results.