Drugs are not only affecting the adults of the society but it is also slowly targeting the students, who are actually the future of the society. Students and teenagers fall for the drugs just as a curiosity of trying something new but willingly or unwillingly they get attracted to keep on using the drugs which results in drug abuse and drug addiction in the end.

Drug abuse in students, either used occasionally or habitually, have disastrous effects not only on the health of the students but also on the other aspects of their life. It is getting quite common is students and where educational institutions’ administration is taking account of this problem using saliva drug tests every month, students need counseling at home as well so that the can understand the dangerous effects of drugs on them.

Drug Abuse Getting Common among Students:

Teenagers and students comparatively easily get attracted towards the drugs because of its pleasure inducing feature. Moreover, the drug addicted friends and neighbors also have colossal effect on the students during adolescence.

According to a survey held by the Monitoring the Future Survey in 2010, around 48.2 percent 12th graders have used illicit drugs at some point in their lives. 37 percent of the 10th graders and 21.4 percent of 8th graders acclaimed that they have used drugs once in their life showing how common this addiction is getting among the students in the society.

Developing Brain Gets Damaged:

During the adolescence, the brain is still at a developing point. So it has been studied that youngsters of this age are usually emotional, impulsive, and aggressive and are likely to take on risks because of their immature brain. With such a juvenile attitude, they are prone to drug abuse which causes the brain to develop partially during such a critical stage.

Poor Academic Progress:

There is a direct relation between the drug abuse or drug addiction and the academic progress. Drug abuse during the adolescence have a direct effect on the developing brain of teenager which clouds the ability of his judgement along with affecting his motivation, behavioral control, learning and memory. This result in absenteeism and fail to complete the assignments in time which results in poor academic progress.

Health Problems:

Drug abuse have a short and long term health effects on students destroying their life beyond the educational level. Use of drugs make them aggressive, irritated and hyperactive. This may also result in fights and involvement in criminal activities.